Life has Happened…

It’s 2:am here and I just signed into my blog for the first time in a while and I just realized, it’s been two years since my last actual blog post or technically 25 months depending on how you count.

.....hahahaI’ve had one post last year but to be honest that post was written more than a year before it was put up.
So in the last two years I have gotten pregnant, had a perfect baby girl, changed jobs and been through “A LOT” and I am currently thriving through a global pandemic whilst I live in a foreign country with my husband and my adorable rambunctious toddler… far from home and family and familiar food (I had to add that)..

JEEZ!!!!!! Absolutely nothing in this life prepares you for the things life will hand to you …. but we stand strong because we have God. I have gone from being elated to almost depressed (I say “almost” because I don’t think I ever really sunk in there as such).  I plan to resume blogging again because its is so therapeutic and I love feedback so who knows  I might put out more than one blog tonight ‘cos I do have a lot to say and write about.

Anyways to all the people who said they missed me THANK-YOU. To be honest I wasn’t even sure who read my blog but I am happy you did.  Stay safe and God bless.

P/S: I am trying to come up with a cute sign off so you’ll see me trying many till I find what I like.




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