Finding out I was Pregnant

This particular story is not super interesting but in the spirit of telling a story I will tell it….

So like I have shared I am now a mother to one absolutely fabulous baby but if you ever read my blog  “pregnancy envy” then you will know that  the journey to a baby wasn’t super straight forward. At the time I had already suffered a miscarriage; I shared a bit of it in the blog  “the week from heaven” .

So I had been trying to get pregnant for close to  year paranoid, sick with anxiety tired from all the stress and tension and finally I snapped. I wasn’t doing it again. I deleted my pregnancy apps, and decided to enjoy Christmas of 2017. I spoke with my husband and to his relief ( the guy was sick of the tears, hormones and timetable sex…He later said he felt used hahahah!!!)  so we both decided to give it six months i.e till June 2018 without actively checking and scheduling our whole lives around my ovulation after which if nothing happened, we would go to the hospital to make sure all was well. Besides I had gotten pregnant before so we knew it was a possibility.

I started working out and joined the annual newyear fast for 2018 . If you’re Nigerian you know its like a ritual to fast in January especially in pentecostal churches. The fast ended on a sunday January 28th but I had spent the whole weekend feeling ill and thinking the fast had gotten the best of me, I decided that I would go to the hospital after work on Monday.

That Monday morning I noticed my makeup was just amazing I was like “is it the foundation or sth?” the make up just seemed to sit nicely and my rack was just glowing… Lol! ( pregnancy glow is the best I tell ya) I remember sending my best friend (she’s a makeup artist) a selfie just to show off how good I looked.

Anyways after work we got to the hospital, they run malaria tests and a routine pregnancy test  just so they don’t give me wrong medication but I wasn’t told this initially. When the tests where ready the nurse mentions that they also took pregnancy test..blablabla…. oh Lord! my nerves skyrocketed I began to tremble uncontrollably I told my husband “I have moved on from this why did they have to?”

I was sooo frightened that it would be negative and If it was I was going to have a nervous breakdown for sure. So, I walked in to the doctors office to a very non-challant “congratulations” from the doctor. (I think she assumed I already knew and was just going through the motions; so you can imagine her shock when I started wailing … my hubby was outside the doctors office and could hear me from outside her door. He simply assumed it was a negative result so he came in and without saying a word to either of us took me sobbing from the doctors office to the car and then started driving home ( I assumed he planned to go back for my drugs later)…. anyways on our way home I tell him amidst a lot of tears “I am pregnant”.

Dude was so shook he had to park the car… he hugged me super tight still saying nothing (I was just crying my butt off) he then asked ” what will you eat?” as the pregger lady that I was I asked for ice-cream and roast corn .. hehehe. Then we drove home after eating two huge tubs of ice-cream…..  its a moment I will never forget in my life.

Thats how I found out I was pregnant.





5 thoughts on “Finding out I was Pregnant

  1. Not an experience to forget. Highlights; ice cream and roast corn. Yummyy…errmm, yes you’re right, I like food 🤪🤪

  2. Which husband pls? Me I’m not emotional at all o. I have strong mind abeg and I don’t buy ice cream for Anybody!!!!!!

  3. This was so beautiful! I laughed at “nonchalant congratulations!” Why are we like this? They don’t even try to be enthusiastic. Lol how does one go from “I’m pregnant!” to “what will you eat?” 🤣🤣🤣 Love it.

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