I have noticed that I can’t blog often because sometimes I’m afraid to put out what I actually have written down. So I have a huge pile of material in my unpublished file. I would love to brag and say I don’t care what anybody thinks and I don’t care how any body feels but that’s a huge lie. I will hurt some people big time if I say everything I want to say the way I have it right now and that’s why I am afraid to.

I feel drained and tired always, It weighs me down so bad sometimes I cannot breathe. I want to stay in bed all day but ironically I cannot  sleep, not an iota of rest. I’m just exhausted, uninspired and unable to think.

That’s all I can say today.


3 thoughts on “Tired!!!

  1. Will some icecream help??? How about we forget the weight watching thing for this very minute ):. Then again try to eliminate the stressors. If they cannot be eliminated, try substituting… We cannot afford to have you feeling drained and tired always…xx.

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