My Recent Discoveries

What I love about blogging is the fact that I do it at my own time. In recent times between battling my health {physical. mental and spiritual}and work and life in general I have come to the realisation of  few new things.

Family is Everything…… Good and Bad.


I think this is pretty self explanatory. My biggest joys in life have been as a result of my family. But the most painful pain I have ever experienced is also because of family.  Honestly there are times where the only thing stopping me from going off on some people is the fact that I do not want to have to go back to apologize . If you are African or have an African upbringing like me you know that it doesn’t matter how bad or nasty or what it is someone older than you does to you, because we have been raised a certain way chances are that your conscience will make you go and apologize for being right …. yes for being right (this does not count in some circumstances though some people should be given a proper sounding off).  So I guess you can say family; You love ’em and you hate ’em.

The Past Changes Sometimes. 

I recently reconnected with some classmates from secondary school via a watsapp group. to be honest I had a good laugh the first few minutes. There is just something about people from that era of your life. Apart from my really close friend and one other person,  I have not been in touch with anybody from secondary school. In reconnecting with some of them I realised that what I remember of myself is quite different from what some people remember of me. I won’t go into details but for the first time I looked at my past and what I saw had changed from what I used to see. For the first time I got a new perspective on what secondary school was like and to be honest it looked a little better than it used to.

YouTube Favorites.

I love to watch you tube for different reasons. The first thing that took me to YouTube was “natural hair videos” and then I began to watch my ratchet tv shows on youtube because my husband cannot stand them and to be honest I’d rather watch it without the hisses and sighing in the background. Over the years I have come to have a few favourites “patriciabright” “Shirley B Eniang” Jackie Jamie and Nikki  etc… My most recent discovery however is a Nigerian youtuber based in Manchester called Mossonyi.  I love her vlogs there’s something clean and soulful about them .. it may wear off after a while but for the past two days I have been loving her vlogs and blogs. She’s my current favourite.

I’m tired of Organized Religion.

In recent times especially in Nigeria, there has been a lot of backlash on pastors and churches and religious institutions  and all that jazz….. So I decided to think deeply and to ask myself “where exactly do I stand as regards my faith and religion?” I am a christian and I was raised as a christian and grew up attending church {a form of organised religion} that’s what I’ve always known, me and everyone around me.  I asked myself a few questions and tried to assess my beliefs or at least those that were handed to me and figure out which of them I actually believed . I attempted to go down as many “forbidden” lanes as I possibly could and question, dissect and scrutinize everything I thought I knew and believed.  First of all I came to the conclusion that all religion is organised. For as long as there is a prescribed pattern of living, or a deity in whose ways a group of people are being encouraged to emulate/ follow/ obey…etc , there will be a definite need to organise the rules and regulations as well as that “group of people”. To be honest a huge part of me is beginning to dislike the whole thing. Some of the doctrines I realize are largely influenced by our society and have nothing at all to do with God, just people forcing opinions and traditions down our throats and expecting us not to question it .That is what I hate. I’m not going to lie I know being a christian is not easy in the world we live in, but we take each day as it comes….. I don’t have it all figured out but I know for sure after my soul search, I believe in God, the Bible and in the Trinity….  I will attempt to share my discomforts and fears and discoveries as I go on.

Anyway these are somethings that have gotten me thinking lately.

Have a good life….





7 thoughts on “My Recent Discoveries

  1. I share most of your thoughts. Family is so cool and not so cool sometimes. Yay for old secondary school friends and YouTube (double yay for YouTube actually). Funny enough, I discovered at a young age I’m not into religion, I respect yours, don’t force yours on me and that’s that.
    Now I’m going to go through all your posts arrgghhh

  2. Thank you, Lady Romford for this piece. the millennial generation is slowly and sadly beginning to live out Gandhi’s quote:’ i like your Christ, I don’t like your Christians. your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

  3. More often I meet people from my age group who answer the question of religion with « I believe in God, but no more ‘church’ for me » Response is usually ‘me,too’.

  4. More often I meet people from my age group how answer the question of religion with « I believe in God, but no more ‘church’ or me » Response is usually ‘me,too’.

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