Diana vs Camilla: Affair or True love

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 Diana Princess of Wales

Diana Princess of Wales

The 20 year anniversary of princess Diana’s death came on early in the month of September 2017. I think it was the 4th day of the month not so sure …..anyway there was was quite a build up to the anniversary of her death and everything about her life was put under the microscope and scrutinized and put on display for us all to see from her relationship with the heir apparent all the way to her wedding/marriage, the breakdown of her marriage, her husbands infidelity , her own infidelity, the breakdown of the marriage and eventual divorce, her kids, her charitable works you name it we saw it.

She was supposed to have the fairy tale life as a real life princess married to a real life prince but unfortunately that didn’t happen. In a weird way I regard that as a good thing ‘cos  I think that was tone of  the first times I actually thought to myself that “fairy tales are not real”. Her death was rather tragic and painful but it was definitely an eye opener.

Camilla, Charles and Diana

The Most Royal Love Triangle

To a lot of people Princess Diana was and is a saint and so when she died under such horrific circumstances, “amidst a very loud silence from the Buckingham Palace”,  all the pent up anger and the daggers were directed at the Royal family . The Royal family was blamed for her death and even accused of murder. In all these one person particularly took quite a hit in that period. Nicknamed the “rottweiler” in the press, she is what I like to refer to as the third person in the marriage of Diana and Charles and her name is Camilla.

Camilla was an old friend and love interest of Prince Charles long before he got married and I think they even dated at some point but the relationship ended and Camilla got married to someone else.  After Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married all would have been well but for Camilla ……………….

Camilla vs Diana

Diana vs Camilla

I can go on and on about Diana and how lovely she was but today my focus is on a particular aspect of the history of ”the Camilla and Diana rivalry’‘ . I’m not going to lie Diana’s death was very painful to me however, despite the fact that I cried when Diana died {or was killed depending on what conspiracy theory you choose to believe} I had never really known the details of the Diana and Camilla story. So, being the ”amebo’‘ that I am, in combination with my obsession with History and Aristocracy I visited google and this led me to sort of disappear down a black hole.

Alice and Edward

A Young Alice Keppel
A young Edward VII

So let me take y’all back all the way to year 1898 when the beautiful and delectable Alice Frederica Keppel caught the eyes of Edward, Prince of Wales. This woman was a well known English Socialite and although married to the Honourable George Keppel, she became the mistress of Edward, Prince of Wales the heir to the throne and after he became King Edward VII she remained his mistress and was so up until his death. Basically Alice met Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) and they had an affair and despite the fact that they were both married to other people, they remained lovers for the rest of their lives. You may be asking “What has this information got to do with Diana and Camilla?” Now let me explain who Alice Frederica Keppel is and why she is important in the Diana and Camilla story.


Alice and Edward vs Camilla and Charles.

King Edward and Queen Alexandra
Beautiful Alice Keppel

Alice Frederica Keppel (née Edmonstone) was a hostess in British society and she was the youngest child of Sir William Edmonstone, 4th Baronet of the Edmonstone baronets in Scotland. Alice and George had two daughters the youngest of whom is Sonia Rosemary Cubitt (nee Keppel).  Sonia  got married to The Hon. Roland Calvert Cubitt and they had three Kids including their only daughter named  Rosalind Maud Cubitt . She (Rosalind Maud Cubitt) in turn got married and also had three children and her first Child goes by the name Camilla Rosemary Shand  who fast forward to today, is HRH The Duchess of Cornwall . Camilla is the second and current wife of Charles, Prince of Wales (the current Heir to the Throne and possible future king of England)……. get it now…..

On the other hand, Edward, Prince of Wales became King Edward VII he died and was succeeded by his second son King George V . King George V, died and  handed over to his eldest son  King Edward VIII who only lasted as  King of England for about a year because he abdicated the throne to marry a two time divorcee {gist for another day}. So Edward VIII  handed over power to his younger brother Albert Later known as King George VI  who is the father of the reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II. And we all know Queen Elizabeth II is the mother to Charles, Prince of Wales and the current Heir apparent.


Camilla and Charles Pre-Diana
  • Alice a married woman had and affair with Edward, Prince of Wales and the heir apparent to the throne of England and it lasted from their meeting in 1898 till he became King and until he died in 1910.
  • Camilla a married woman had an affair with a married Charles, Prince of Wales and the heir apparent to the throne of England and it lasted from Charles Marriage in 1981 till His divorce in 1996 {Please note they were lovers pre and post his marriage but I choose to call it an affair only in the period he was married}
  • Camilla is Alice’s Great-grand daughter and Charles is Edwards Great, Great-grand son.




Starry-eyed Diana

To be honest I am not even sure where I am going with this blog anymore. I initially set out to find out if Diana was as much a victim as the media paints her to be or if she was simply a nice looking girl that fit the ‘victim role’ to sell TV………………anyways………. I think as lovely as Diana was she was simply a victim of a love that was much bigger than her one that transcended just her generation.  I think that going from the history I have dug up there was a connection between the men in the ruling family and the women in Camilla’s family that cannot be explained and unfortunately due to position or pedigree and the conservative nature of society at that time those relationships were not given a chance.

King Edward lying in State

In Alice’s case she was married and broke and so started an illicit affair with the king and became so close to the king that she was at his bedside at the time of his death. In Camilla’s case it is said that Charles met and wanted to marry her but the Palace and the Queen raised objections due to xyz……and before the relationship even started it was highly discouraged and so at the time of Charles’ marriage to Diana, Camilla was already wifed up but obviously their feelings for each other had not changed…. hence the love triangle.

Now, whilst in the past the King would simply have kept a mistress or two to the knowing of the Queen, modern women are not so accommodating; case in point Diana. In Edward and Alices’ case the Queen is rumuored to have even said that Alice was her favourite mistress compared to the others.


However, in the time of Diana and Charles, the world had changed and with it the expectations of a wife from a husband and Diana could not and would not play second fiddle to any woman {I like that}.

The breakdown of Diana and Charles’ marriage was so ugly and so public it was quite embarrassing for the very conservative English Monarchy and everyone especially those of them in the old generation was quite horrified. To give an example, when King Edward VIII  abdicated his throne and caused a scandal Alice herself is said to have remarked “Things were done much better in my day”…. I wonder what she would have done with Diana writing a book and all that came with that……I digress.

Camilla Engaged and Happy

Ultimately Diana and Charles’ marriage packed up and so did that of Camilla to her first husband …. and now many years and many hurdles later Camilla and Prince Charles became man and wife in 2005.

Charles and Camilla Wedding

In a different place and time and under different circumstances the 47 year old love story of Charles and Camilla could have been a very great love story transcending generations, standing the test of time, surviving each others previous marriages and eventually beating all odds to achieve what their ancestors under similar circumstances, were unable to achieve. Although I am still strongly on the Diana band wagon {she was such a phenomenal woman}, as a woman and as an adult I see Charles and Camilla and how happy they are and can’t help but wonder what I would have done in their shoes. They are happy and I wish’em well.

Charles and Camilla

Charles and Camilla unfortunately, were in a love triangle with a woman who was far from ordinary. Her light shone so bright that everything around her not only paled in comparison but disappeared completely. Anyone who did anything to hurt her was considered the devil. She was selfless and kind and her image was so enormous, at the time of her death she was an institution. I don’t think she was perfect, I think she was a sad woman caught in an unfortunate web and sadly everything ended as it did . All in all I want to wish her a perfect rest in Gods bosom.




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5 thoughts on “Diana vs Camilla: Affair or True love

  1. Interesting to learn so much about Camilla’ s ancestor, Alice Keppel having an affair with King Edward. Maybe such an affair predated Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. Much of this article was quite eye opening to how ancestral connections affects the present.

    Prince Charles should have married Camilla years ago. Due to the fact that Camilla was a commoner and not a virgin, Prince Charles couldn’t marry her. At the time, Royal establishment preferred Princes and Princesses to marry Protestant, royal or aristocratic connections and virgin (in the case of Prince finding a mate). Instead, Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles in 1973 and had two children. So, Prince Charles marrying Camilla was out of the question in the early 1970s. I do wonder this: Why didn’t he stand up to his mother( the queen) and the Royal establishment and marry her instead of bringing a young girl (Diana) into the equation?

    This is where Diana comes in the equation. Prince Charles was in his early thirties and looking for a wife. He dated a series of different women throughout the 1970s including Lady Diana’s older sister, Sarah. Lady Diana met Prince Charles through her sister, Sarah at the Spencer family estate, Althrop. Lady Diana was sixteen at the time. Prince Charles was in his late twenties. But Prince Charles and Lady Diana don’t meet again until a few years later. Lady Diana was eighteen going on nineteen and saw Prince Charles at a barbeque where he played polo. Then Lady Diana and Prince Charles sparked a conversation and started to date.

    Facing the pressure to settle down, he proposed to Lady Diana in February 1981. She was nineteen years old. He was thirty two years old. Unlike Camilla, Lady Diana fit the qualifications to be the bride of the Prince of Wales/future Queen of England. Lady Diana was a virgin, of aristocratic background (She came from the Spencer family, prominent aristocratic family in England), a Protestant, and had ancestry dating back to the Tudor and Stuart dynasty. But Prince Charles never loved Diana the way he loved Camilla. Lady Diana was a stand in for Camilla but he went ahead and married Lady Diana in July 29th, 1981. Her title became HRH, Diana, Princess of Wales.

    Their son, Prince William was born in June 1982 and another son, Prince Harry was born in September 1984. But the marriage between Diana, Princess of Wales and Prince Charles was tumultuous due to their age difference, incompatibility, her mood swings, problems with bulimia, and Prince Charles’ continuing affair with Camilla. The rife between the two caused them to run into the arms of other people. The affair was exposed through Camilla gate, tapes that exposed a series of phone conversations between Prince Charles and Camilla, in 1992. In one of these recorded conversations, he said that he wanted to be a tampon and live in her trousers. Such tapes being revealed to the public caused outrage. Diana was also having affairs of her own from James Hewitt, Will Carling, James Gilbey etc. And her affair with one of her lovers became public through the Squidy tapes. Aside from their affairs, things became so bad that the two decided to split up in 1992 and divorce in 1996.

    Diana was a beautiful, charismatic and alluring woman. Anything she wore made a fashion statement. Her presence was captivating and alluring to many people in the world. Her popularity also came from the fact that she showed affection and emotion and seemed relatable as compared to the rest of the Royal family. Her charity work, dedication to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, advocation for HIV patients not to be ostracized and for banning landmines also won the hearts of many. The paparazzi and magazines always reported on her every move and project. Such introversion can be quite dangerous especially since it was the paparazzi that led to her death in Paris in August 1997. She was only thirty six. Her death caused a roar of worldwide grief poured out as over two billion people watched her televised funeral.

    Unfortunately, Diana never got her happily ever after. Her involvement in the whole love triangle only led to her demise and early death. Though Diana died, Prince Charles and Camilla(divorced from Andrew Parker Bowles) were free to marry. The two married in 2005. At last, the two are together and will live out the rest of their lives together.

    1. WOW!! First of all I’m excited to see that there are other people just as fascinated with the royal family as I am. thanks for your comment and I couldn’t agree more. If times where different a lot of tragedy I feel could have been avoided.
      Thanks again for your comment and for reading my blog.

  2. Well, Diana had a purpose and I guess she needed the perks of being royalty to fulfill her purpose so she got married into one. Obviously Charles loves Camilla and vice versa, they could even be the reincarnated Alice and King finishing their love story…… OK let me run before some people beat me.

  3. Beautiful post. I was hoping to find more answers to the many unanswered questions I have though. Sigh. Such a sad story.
    I agree with you on Diana been caught in a very messy love triangle. To me she was the other woman in the triangle. They didn’t want Charles to Marry Camilla because she was no longer a virgin which was a taboo😂.

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