Silent Heart Strings

Mind Up and Down

I have been unable to blog for a few weeks. I have written countless articles/blogs but I have been unable to publish them because they do not pull my heart strings. Now looking and at my blogs and write ups, they are not necessarily deep or as soul searching as some would expect but in their different ways they pull at my heart strings. They either trigger a memory or they touch a soft spot in my heart. But in this period my hearts strings had been silent and the silence was becoming loud.

I had simply disconnected completely from everything and everybody. It wasn’t obvious to everyone but I knew I had because, I stopped reading a book mid-chapter, I stopped enjoying watching movies, I even stopped trying to get Mr. Man to buy me ice-cream, blogging wasn’t even on my radar, I sort of “switched off”. I know for a fact I am not depressed however I just was not as excited or optimistic about life anymore. Life to me is like a dance and if you do not dance to the song of your heart, you are forced to dance to anothers’ music and it makes you hate the person for making you dance a song that isn’t yours and worst of all you hate yourself for dancing to a song that isn’t yours.

But last week I went out to the movies and dinner with a couple of friends. I didn’t want to go initially because I was scared (I cannot explain why). Unfortunately the movie was super terrible but the food was so good and the company so refreshing that I laughed so hard that day and something switched on again.

I felt a stirring in my heart and my heart strings played a few notes or chords (as my guitar tutor would say). I woke up one morning a few days ago, and I was willing to try again at this thing called life.

Some family problems set me back a few steps but I decided this morning to separate myself from the problems (you can never fully solve problems especially that of family) and try yet again at life.

    My own tune

Last night I completed the chapter I stopped reading and for the first time in a while my heart strings played me a song and I felt my feet move to a dance; a dance I know by heart, to a song my heart sings in tune with the strings my heart plays.



6 thoughts on “Silent Heart Strings

  1. Sometimes we just need to stir our passion and enthusiasm. This is because life challenges saps our strength and this happens when we don’t live the life we want to live consciously and deliberately.

    So I am happy you danced to the songs your heart sang after its long silence…

  2. I love it!! I vibe with it… I’ve been in both places: surviving and then truly living! Keep living girl!

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