50 Random things about Me

I thought it would be nice if my reader(s) got to know random stuff about me. I struggled with what to share and what not to share but after a while decided to just wing it. Maybe I will do another again later in my blogosphere, but for now here ….we  go.

  1. My real name is Ori (just three letters, full name not an abbreviated form).
  2. I had three sisters, my folks used to have four daughters , now we are just three girls so I have two sisters left.

                               Us Three
  3. I am a Christian and even though I come from a christian family, I made the decision to become a Christian when I was 18 and reinforced that decision again at 19.
  4. Although I am Nigerian, I was born in Europe.
  5. I am a book worm or bibliophile. As a child I read everything from newspapers to Television manuals (that’s what they were called back then)….I read “EVERYTHING” including some funny “Magazine” that made my aunt almost faint.
  6. In my family we live LONG. I met all four grandparents, I think I even met a couple of great-grand parents as a baby. My two grandmothers were at my wedding 10 months ago dancing and smiling and they ain’t going nowhere anytime soon.

    Maternal Granny
  7. I have a niece and nephew that look so much like me, someone even tried to tell my then fiance that I had children I was hiding from him (Amebo united). The truth is their mom and I are almost splitting images of each other so her kids look like her and……. you get the gist.

  8. I love food. I fought this identity for so long, but I have finally embraced it now. I am a foodie.
  9. I do not enjoy cooking. I’ve tried I just don’t really like it.
  10. I developed asthma when I was six. It disappeared for a few years and resurfaced when I turned 19.
  11. I had my first kiss at 18.
  12. I had my heart broken for the first time at 25.
  13. My husband and I waited till our wedding Night to have sex.

    Looking innocent
  14. I grew up in Port-harcourt but I now live in Abuja and have lived here for about 13 years.
  15. I love music, I was told I used to compose my own music as a child a lot. I don’t sing so much or listen to music that much anymore I can’t say why, but there is always a song playing in my head like a background soundtrack constantly and sometimes it just bubbles out of my lips.
  16. I once got robbed while on holiday in Dubai.( I’ll write a post on that one day) it was so funny but that day the NAIJA girl in me came out.
  17. I know mathematics, I know it so well I cannot explain why but I just know math.
  18. I won the award for the best technical drawing student in secondary school.I could do engineering drawing in my sleep. When I got to university I was still just as good but because I was considered a “fine girl” the lecturer believed I was being helped or cheating and had me write my Engine Drawing exam in his office. Let’s just say I dusted my shoulder after that paper…”piece of cake”.
  19. I have a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering.
  20. I’m a late bloomer. I blossomed physically at about age 19. So for many years I was laughed at because my head was too big and the rest of my body was like a rake/sugercane.
  21. I love travelling. I absolutely love road trips…. ( Naija roads sha won’t let me be great).
  22. I drive a manual or stick shift.
  23. I once crashed my fathers car on Christmas eve when I was 19. That day I learned his weak point TEARS. By the time I got home to report myself ( I was warned to leave the car alone)I was crying so much you would think somebody died. But amazingly my dad could not face me because of the tears so he found the nearest person (my older cousin) and yelled his heart out. Gosh! I wish I had known that much sooner.
  24. My middle name is so long its a whole sentence and It has to be abbreviated to a seven letter name.
  25. I was born left-handed but when I got to nursery school one teacher of mine flogged the living day lights out of my body and forced me to use my right hand (she was probably one of those who felt the use of the left hand is a taboo, I still remember her face). It traumatized me and for a long time I wouldn’t use my left hand at all. By the time my Mom figured it out it was a big mess. So long story short, now I use my right hand more but my left arm is much stronger. I guess I am ambidextrous.
  26. I have amazing memory. I remember things from childhood that normal people forget. I remember some conversations word for word … it’s ridiculous.
  27. I secretly wanted to join the Airforce.
  28. I am named after my mother although I am neither the first child nor first daughter.

  29. I had a miscarriage a few months after being married (devastating).
  30. I have witnessed two religious riots in my lifetime. (Jos 2001 sharia riot and Kaduna 2011 election riot) it is not something I ever want to experience again. It has made me very afraid of war.
  31. I do not drink a lot of water. I don’t know why, bad habit I guess but I’m trying to change it.
  32. I once tried to steal someones best friend in secondary school. I won’t give too many details but it backfired big time. LOL!
  33. I have one bestie from every era of my life, primary school, secondary school e.t.c. but I am open to new friendships now. I think I have closed myself off for too long.

    My Friends are Beyond               Special
  34. My husband proposed to me twice (poor guy). Let’s just say I am a drama queen.
  35. I have scrubbed houses while on holiday to make ends meet.
  36. I was once a side chick. Read the story here.
  37. I imagined running away from home as a kid quite often but I have a fear of sleeping in the dark or outside in the rain. This meant after taking a few steps away from the house with my school bag full of God knows what, I would run back home very quickly.
  38. I think I am born to travel the world.
  39. I used to think about suicide a lot in my mid-teens.
  40. My books are my priced possessions.
  41. Google is my friend. I google every damn thing even myself.
  42. You tube is my other friend. If I had good WiFi and a good camera, I would probably be on YouTube as well.
  43. I once dreamt that Beyonce and John Legend were my best friends.
  44. I am a member of the Beyhive. If you know, you know.
  45. I was a tomboy growing up.
  46. I love Christmas and birthdays because I love gifts. Its my thing, receiving gifts make me happy.
  47. I really like ice-cream and super spicy food. Not together but yeah I like ’em.
  48. I wanted to get married at 18 so that I could have 7 kids before turning 30 and proceed to face my career. It took a negotiation with my mom for me to get out of that. Sheesh! Thank God…. that was a close one.
  49. I am a Naturalista. I have natural, African, 4C hair.
  50. My guilty pleasure is Ratchet Reality TV (fix it Jesus). I love me some real house wives of Atlanta, love and hip-hop , I love nonsense TV.





5 thoughts on “50 Random things about Me

  1. Nice write up Ori my secret admirer( no i am not a lesbian biko) i have always admired you since i met you in secondary school. You are a character, chai!

  2. Who thinks of committing suicide bikonu????
    I can seriously relate to everything 😂😅😆 I remember the day you had that John Legend dream… lol
    About the 7 kids, you must have 7 oh or else I will carry placard on the streets of Abuja in protest.
    Thumbs up bestie.
    Super proud of you.

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