Dear 15 Year Old Me

Dear Ladyromford,

Right now you do not feel very confident or sure of yourself. I know right now your looks make you feel like you do not measure up. I know that you are not really bothered about being not one of the “popular” girls in school but you are bothered by the people around you who feel the need to dissociate from you because you are not popular. I know you second guess your abilities and do not believe in your self. I know your relationship with your family is weird and you feel isolated and misunderstood. Your lack of finances makes you feel like a bit of a failure and a looser. I have good news for you girl. It will all sort itself out. Ignore the boys they are just kids and do not know better, you are too much of an old soul to tolerate them so let them be, they are just kids anyway.

            You are smart.

Enjoy this childlike period in your life young girl these are the last days you can get away with being a child and making certain kinds of mistakes. Remember you are one of the brightest in your school. You do not have acne and even though your boobs are yet to come in, your waist is tiny and your figure right now is iconic. Love and enjoy your days lost in literature, in the future you will look for time to read and it will be hard to find. Your wisdom acquired from all that reading will make you wonder how much more daft people can get and sometimes you will be ashamed to say how much you know from reading. However, don’t sweat it they re just ignorant and that wisdom will make you witty and funny. Enjoy those love stories they will teach you romance, enjoy the adventure books they will open your mind and heart, enjoy the mystery books they will pick your brain and make u think smart, enjoy the religious books I know right know you doubt the existence of God but they will make understanding God easier when the time comes.

        You are lovely.

Love being a woman. You may think it is a weakness however being a woman is your strength, it is your power,it is your honour, it is your gift, it is your blessing, it is who you are and you are perfect in Gods eyes. Bask in the fact that your periods are irregular because when it becomes regular you will hate those 3 days every month (arrghhhh horrible). your boobs will come in and they will be perfect don’t mind that girl that said you will need surgery as an adult. You will evolve into a woman more beautiful than ever and because right now you have spent all this time training your mind, when your physical beauty comes you will realise that although it is nice to be pretty you have acquired a beauty that cannot be bought a beautiful mind.

       You are beautiful.

Be patient with your family there is a lot happening and playing out that you will understand later. Your Mommy loves you and so does your Daddy it may be confusing now but you will understand it when the time comes. Enjoy the time you have with your sisters because you won’t always have it, life is short and the days fleeting and I wish I could tell you how important these words are but just enjoy your sisters for soon you may see some no more. Build quality friendships you will need them in your future, be kind be generous and sow good seeds it will germinate to form a forest of goodwill for you.

                You are Unique.

Finally love yourself, trust yourself, believe in yourself. You are your greatest friend, asset, companion and tool. God made you complete and whole and I can’t help but emphasize how wonderful a person you are. I love you and keep going waiting for you to get here.

You are Gods Perfection.




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